The curriculum was introduced starting with the Class of 2023. The course emphasizes the connection between historical periods and the music of jazz: America's original art music. This course focuses on the concepts of "culture" and "inequality," two terms employed to deal with "difference" in a range of intriguingly different and morally charged ways. MGMT 4320Diversity in the Workplace3 Credits. We will focus on the artworks themselves and, when possible, the artist's dialogue. Fairfield University stands with the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU), and colleges and universities nationwide, regarding the recent directive issued by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), concerning international students and the upcoming 2020-21 academic year. This course is a study of various cultural aspects of modern China in the 20th century through reading translated fiction as well as films. Previously MU 0102. This course analyses sociological and social psychological dimensions of race relations, ethnic interaction, and the changing role and status of women. The course reviews applications of theoretical predictions as they relate to important public policy issues such as child and elder care, social security, pay equity, the glass ceiling, affirmative action, sexual harassment, and poverty. Previously AY 0052. HIST 1146Women's History as U.S. History3 Credits, Attributes: DEIE Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Elective, UDIV U.S. Diversity, WSGF Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies: Gender Focused. HIST 1102China, Japan, and Europe3 Credits, Attributes: DEIE Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Elective, INEL International Studies / International Business Elective. We embrace diversity as a distinguishing hallmark of Jesuit education. Top Stories, 1073 North Benson Road We hope to develop men and women to serve as global citizens, at home in the world, able to engage in diverse cultural circumstances with an open mind and the capacity to empathize with the perspectives of others. Vice President of Marketing and Communications ext. This course allows students to develop ways of reading, analyzing, and interacting with texts in English from around the globe. After completing this course, students take electives drawn from the College of Arts and Sciences that provide context and skills that inform the experience of diverse people. As the nation was gripped by widespread unrest over the weekend in response to the killing of yet another unarmed black man by a police officer last week, U.S. Catholic leaders said recent events served as a wake-up call to the racism that continues to plague the country, while encouraging non-violent protests as a means of effective resistance. In the wake of the murder of George Floyd, and pursuing public response, RJSJ brought together over 100 students, alumni, staff, faculty, and administrators to reflect on the experiences of the past weeks and their hopes and desires for the Fairfield University community. As I watch the protests and response in various communities, I both feel and understand the rage. Members of the Fairfield University community are committed to respecting and valuing one another, finding the common good rooted in us all, and working collaboratively to achieve our potential as a modern Jesuit Catholic institution. Do literary works produced in different cultures at the same time "speak to each other" across time and space? Dear CAS Community, Like so many, I am hurt, angered, and broken by the recent death of George Floyd coming after so many others at the hands of police brutality. We explore essential questions related to difference that all human societies have encountered over time. Fairfield University is committed to providing accommodations to students with disabilities in order to ensure equal access to its programs, services, and activities. Students will focus on the social integration and identity adjustments of refugees in their host communities and/or country. Note: This course counts as a natural science core but does not satisfy requirements for the biology major or minor. Previously PH 0260. Sort by: relevance - date. We are a Center on Fairfield Universitys campus that offers spiritual direction to students, faculty and staff, the Diocese of Bridgeport, and community members of all faiths. This course examines and analyzes film by Spanish and Latin-American directors (Buuel, Saura, Littn, Sanjins, etc.). The course pays special attention to the ways in which race, class, and sexualities intersect processes of gender relations and social change. We will investigate why people produce and exchange things, why they seek to amass things in some circumstances and give them away in others, and how our modern understandings of value, debt, and rationality emerged. Fairfield University Upward Bound is a federally funded program for college-bound high school students that provides low income, potential first-generation college students with the tools necessary to access postsecondary education. The course highlights collections of Asian art at the Fairfield University Art Museum, Yale University, and in New York City. Diversity can be defined as all the characteristics which differentiate us as individuals as well as all the characteristics which make us alike. We embrace, support and celebrate the unique characteristics of diverse identities and cultures. 4 jobs using the terms 'diversity, equity, and inclusion' to view and apply for now with The Chronicle of Higher Education Jobs | by Relevance. Students will be introduced to different art historical approaches and vocabulary used to study art from each of these areas. ENGL 1050African Diaspora: Literature and Culture3 Credits, Attributes: ASEN American Studies: Literature, ASGW American Studies: Gateway, BSAH Black Studies: Arts and Humanities, BSFC Black Studies Focus Course, DEIE Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Elective, E_AF English Literature After 1800, LCEL LACS Minor: Elective, MELT Magis Core Exploration: Literature, WDIV World Diversity. Student Location Diversity 78 out of 100. A final project asks students to consider ways to raise awareness about a social issue at the University or in the larger community. Previously EC 0114. This musical and historical survey of African-American music and its important contributions to American culture examines African heritage, slave songs, and the colonial era, followed by the role of African-Americans in the music and culture of the Revolutionary and Civil War periods. PSYC 2220Stereotyping, Prejudice, and Discrimination3 Credits, Attributes: DEIE Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Elective, PJST Peace and Justice Studies, UDIV U.S. Diversity. Throughout the course there is a focus on thinking critically when looking at art as well as how to articulate ideas in writing. Previously AH 0102. The focus on race, class, and gender enables students to engage with historically challenging questions about equality, freedom, individualism, republicanism, liberalism, and American exceptionalism from alternative perspectives. Diversity and Inclusion . SOCI 1130 Feminism, Gender, and Everyday Life 3 Credits Attributes: ASGW American Studies: Gateway, ASSO American Studies: Sociology, DEIE Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Elective, PJST Peace and Justice Studies, WSGF Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies: Gender Focused This course provides an introduction to the study of gender through a feminist lens. The course evaluates Euro-American theories of religion in light of Asian religious expressions. AHST 1165African-American Art3 Credits, Attributes: ASGW American Studies: Gateway, ASVP American Studies: Visual and Performing Arts, BSAH Black Studies: Arts and Humanities, BSFC Black Studies Focus Course, DEIE Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Elective, GDAH Graphic Design: Art History, UDIV U.S. Diversity, VPCH Visual and Performing Arts Core: History Course. The Center hosts workshops on Inclusive Classroom Practices to generate discussion around the challenges, opportunities, and best practices for teaching social justice classes. This course surveys the history of Europe and the Atlantic world and their encounters with East Asia from the 1400s to the 1800s. RLST 2795Islam, Race, Power3 Credits, Attributes: DEIE Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Elective, IWHU Islamic World Studies: Humanities. Tufts has always aimed to be inclusive. As a Jesuit, Catholic university, Fairfield is dedicated to diversity and inclusion; to radical hospitality in service of racial, social, and economic justice. Dedicated weekly screenings create the theatrical experience for which these films were intended. This course is a study of various cultural aspects of modern China in the 20th century through reading translated fiction as well as films. Imani Perry Explores Intersection of Race, Gender, and SexualityMarch 5, 2020. This is the latest wake-up call that needs to be answered by each of us in a spirit of determined conversion., A Message from Director of Athletics Paul Schlickmann, Our Stags family is committed to taking tangible and meaningful action that will benefit our community and affect positive change for the greater good., US Bishops Condemn Killing of George Floyd, Deplore Violence and DestructionVatican News, June 1, 2020. Students examine the roots of jazz in ragtime, blues, work songs, and march music and study the development of different jazz styles such as Dixieland in the '20s, swing in the '30s, bop in the '40s, and continuing to the present. In these ways, Fairfield University strives for themagis (the more) in a way that defines modern Jesuit Catholic education. Previously HI 0102. We will focus primarily on Black Americans, but will also consider white ethnic groups and other ethnic groups in discussion. Dr. Nemec shares some reflections on the importance of honoring June 19 as an annual University holiday. 104 West Adams Avenue, Fairfield, IA 52556 (641) 472-6551 Ext. How can we provide a non-Eurocentric explanation of the rise of the modern world that has European and American features? Students complete exams, oral presentations, written papers, and a final paper. His research and teaching interests include: sociology of race, race in higher education, sociology of hip-hop culture, urban sociology/international sociology, and criminal justice and reentry. This course is an introduction to the discipline of history through a survey of American women's experiences from the pre-colonial era to the 1960s. The Center for Social Impact connects community and campus to create high impact academic opportunities that address local, national, and global challenges and develop individuals committed to creating a more just and equitable world. Following a call and mission to serve, Jesuits often established academic institutions in under-served communities that were otherwise ostracized and denied access to education. The Brown School, where I taught, had a mission for diversity and community-engagement. $36,633Net Price 58%Take Out Loans SPAN 4359Culture, Civilization, and Literature in the Spanish-American Caribbean Region3 Credits, Attributes: DEIE Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Elective, EDCG Educational Studies Cognate, EDDV Educational Studies Diversity, LCEL LACS Minor: Elective, LCSC LACS Minor: Spanish Culture and Literature, MELT Magis Core Exploration: Literature, PJST Peace and Justice Studies, WDIV World Diversity. Emphasis is given to social, ethical, and legal aspects of the current system that remain unresolved, such as access to care, health disparities, and equity. At Fairfield University, by encouraging dialogue, communication, community partnerships, and a culture of understanding around diversity and equity and inclusion, we foster in our students, faculty, and staff the capacity and desire to build a better world. Students who pursue the minor take an introductory course that establishes a breadth of topics in economics and business that are impacted by individual personal characteristics such as race, class, and gender. We can do so by examining the encounters between the West and other parts of the world and by beginning and ending the story of the rise of the modern world not in Europe but elsewhere. This course oers an introduction to sociolinguistics, i.e., the study of the language in relation to social factors, with a focus on Spanish in the US. Fairfield University is exploring plans for a new academic unit that would offer an associate degree to students from low-income families and under-represented communities, primarily in the surrounding Bridgeport region. Encourage University efforts to provide students with cross-cultural competencies and monitor issues where students, faculty or staff members may experience forms of discrimination or marginalization. As such, attention will be paid to generating the problem space and question sets needed to de-naturalize the everyday colonial structures that shape our human condition. This theological examination of contemporary moral problems considers selected ethical issues in contemporary society and leading approaches to moral decision-making. View more property details and housing statistics on William Raveis. Hours Monday - Friday: 9:30am - 6pm Saturday: 1pm - 5pm Sunday: Closed Community City . While art works created by African-American artists are the primary focus, Cuban and Haitian art and artists are also considered. Previously EN 0105. Message from the College of Arts & Sciences Dean Richard A. Greenwald, PhD. This course introduces students to the history, core functions, and essential services of public health and serves as a foundation for further study in the discipline. ANTH 2015Refugees and Culture3 Credits, Attributes: DEIE Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Elective, HACA Humanitarian Action Minor Context Course, INEL International Studies / International Business Elective, PJST Peace and Justice Studies, WDIV World Diversity. The course investigates moral problems such as euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide, the death penalty, violence and just war theory, bioethics, sexual and reproductive ethics, global poverty, environmental ethics, and issues in business and legal ethics. Foci include: ancient funerary arts, the development of Buddhist art throughout the continent, and secular arts associated with imperial courts and the rise of cities. Topics include the social constructions of race, sexuality, gender, class, and beauty, intertextuality, influence, and canon formation. As a community, we share a commitment to inquiry and discernment, and a determination to serve as global citizens supporting the dignity and essential human rights of all persons. 55 Silliman Street, #55, Fairfield, (University), CT, 06824 is a property listed for-rent at $5,000. Less Diverse More Diverse The undergraduate student body is split among 20 states (may include Washington D.C.). The PDF will include content on the Requirements tab only. 72.61% of Fairfield U students come from out of state, and 2.37% come from out of the country. This course surveys the art and architectural history of China, Korea, and Japan, emphasizing cultural and artistic contact between these cultures. We proudly celebrate the diverse and inclusive community that is Quinnipiac. As we study the Atlantic world and globalization across several centuries, we will examine cultural syncretism, commodity culture rooted in the Triangle Trade, and creative endeavors in literature and the arts (painting and sculpture, film, music, dance, theatre). Previously PY 0222. The course uses readings, exercises, and real-world projects to formulate the following: a definition of diversity; an awareness of its impact on businesses and their managers; the identification of the challenges that diversity presents and the opportunities it allows for even more productive workplace interactions; and the necessary skills, attitudes, and patterns of critical thinking needed for effective leadership in this important area. Students are partners in creating and implementing co-curricular programming at Fairfield University. This course introduces students to some of the fundamental concepts of International Studies. Languages and Identities: Sociolinguistic Approaches to Spanish in the U.S. Culture, Civilization, and Literature in the Spanish-American Caribbean Region. Students examine the evolution of spirituals, minstrel songs, and ragtime as they relate to dance forms; the role of African-Americans as performers and composers in classical music and music of the theatre; and the blues as it evolves into jazz, soul, reggae, funk, disco, and rap. (203) 254-4000. Fairfield University Magazine - Spring 2021. We look forward to his contributions as we continue to advance the Universitys Jesuit Catholic commitment to creating and supporting radical hospitality and inclusive excellence in our teaching, learning, scholarship, and service.. Periods of focus include the Shang, Han, Tang, Song, and Qing dynasties in China; the Jmon, Nara, Heian, Kamakura, Edo, and Meiji periods in Japan; and the Three Kingdoms period, Goryeo, and Joseon dynasties in Korea. At Fairfield University, we advance this mission through: Through radical hospitality, we welcome and invite all into our learning community. We will focus on the structure, practices, content, and outcomes of schooling in contemporary society. Catholic Leaders say Floyds Death, Demonstrations A Wake-up CallCrux June 1, 2020. We value the academic, social and broader community benefits that arise from a diverse campus and are committed to equity, inclusion and accountability. When people feel valued, respected, and empowered, they are more motivated to work together for the common good of all. When each unique point of view is heard, honored, and celebrated, true learning begins. We welcome admitted students from traditionally underrepresented populations and students with a strong interest in diversity to spend a night on campus, meet members of the community, and become a stag for a day. Established in 1994, the Center for Judaic Studies was developed to enrich Fairfields intellectual, cultural, and spiritual life with Judaism through lectures, programs, and other special events that serve the broader community. dreamhack register epic games april 2021,
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